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A Long View on Education

“If we’re living in a post-facts world – let’s have better stories. Inequality is not a law of nature, like gravity. We make it up as we go along. The world does not have to be run for the benefit of the Murdochs, the Koch brothers, the offshore trusts and the tax havens. The left can tell it better and do it better. But only if we come together.” Jeanette Winterson

When I studied philosophy at McMaster University, Barry Allen used the phrase ‘taking a long view’ to compliment the kind of philosophy that considers issues in their historical context, through a multi-disciplinary lens, and with an eye to the long term consequences for civilization and the future we hope for. Of course, most philosophy doesn’t take a long view, and the same is true of the discourse about education. Here you will find my critique the popular neoliberal discourse about education and the economy.

I am just beginning my journey as an author and have published at Identity, Education and Power; NPR’s Code Switch; & Teachers Going Gradeless. My writing has been recommended in Data&Society’s newsletter and Audrey Watters’ HEWN (207 & 211).

Benjamin Doxtdator

- views are my own

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