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While I doubt this report will set any agendas, it sure reflects them. Richardson and Mancabelli present us with with five looming ‘realities’ about work in the 21st Century. Rather than evaluate whether or not these realities are desirable or start a discussion of broader systemic change, they target education: “schools were not constructed to meet the realities of today’s modern learners and workers.”

If the engine of educational change is steered by what the economy is perceived to need, then we condemn kids to face…

we are no better off with standardized testing or the less authoritarian ‘skills agenda’.

Rob Mancabelli – Rob is the Founder and CEO of BrightBytes, an education technology company that improves the way millions of students learn through the use of data.

Will Richardson – He is the CLO of Modern Learner Media, a company dedicated to changing the global conversation around education reform.

The report is heavy on the Tom Friedman, “Or, as The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman’s recent column declared, “Need a job? Invent it.” 4”

The authors are a CLO and CEO of two companies



Here’s the one thing we can safely
predict about the future world of
work for the students currently in
our classrooms—it will look very
little like the world of work we’re
preparing them for today.


This means that the most
successful workers in the
future will be those who are
used to thinking and acting



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